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To Better Things

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

As much as I wanted to give up and shut down after everything that happened this past year, I decided to not let others or even myself stop the Journey that I want for myself. as long as I have been on this earth something out there has created continual obstacles in my way and on top of that emontional trauma, depression, anxiety, and mental disabilities are all something that I deal with on a daily basis. I've been fortunate to have the loving support of family and friends, and live in a time where discussing these issues and being vulnerable are accepted. All the resources and help available is amazing but It's so much easier to say that we can be happy and get better than It is to actually achieve. I've spent days in my bed unable to move, crying uncontrollably, and staying awake for hours unable to escape my thoughts. I've also had days where I feel motivated and excited for the future, but so quickly I fall into the pits again and want to end it all. There's no easy fix or manual to understand, because each person is completely different with different lives and background. So even though I say I wont let anyone stop me, that doesn't mean it wont be hard as hell and I wont have moments where I fall back into it. It's me trying to remind myself of hope and that I can only control myself, because when I think of proving people wrong and rewriting my history it gives me power and motivation. I also want to be an inspiration for all my siblings and show them that we can become better and write our own destiny's to continue to follow those dreams even if the world doesn't make it easy. Its' corny and repetitive but our dreams are honestly what keep us all alive and give us hope, it could be anything from going to a college or travelling to that business that sells the worlds best donuts. My dream is to keep becoming better and create a life that's full of love, community, and passion.

To achieve that goal I’ve decided to spend these next few months improving not only soul but my business. My business has been something I’ve been wanting to do since I was a little girl. In my first day of advisory class freshmen year of high school I was asked what’s my dream job or goal that I want to achieve in the future, I immediately answered to create my own art business. That’s now 8 years ago and I started to get more serious about it the summer of 2016 when my aunts and I attended out first art event in Lansing called Art Feast. That moment really pushed me into taking this all more seriously since then I have attended 3 more Art Feasts and will be attending again this summer but for the first time with my own booth, I have had my own website with my own domain, attended other art events, forcing myself to be more social and active in the local art community, so close to finishing my BFA in Studio Art at Michigan State University, and continually putting many more goals on myself. I’m still no where close to where I want to be at but I have to remind myself constantly that this is a journey and there is no time frame, I’m also only 22 and have accomplished so much already. Coming from a complicated home life that was in and out of poverty and domestic disputes I didn’t think I would amount to much and be good enough, but I see now how much of a bad ass I am. Anyways. This besides the horrible roadblock that’s Effected everyone in 2020, I know amazing things are coming for this business and I’m excited to start sharing that with all of you. I will keep you all posted on social media of any new updates, events, or product releases. I love you all and talk to you soon.

Owner of Aura Lee Gallery

- Autumn Hopkins

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