About Us!!

 Each person who contributes to this business becomes 

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Oralie A. Smith


Hello, fellow art lovers!



Aura Lee Gallery is inspired and named after a beautiful woman in my family named Oralie Smith. Oralie was a grandmother, mother, sister, friend, and an amazing artist. She inspired all of us to be creative and keep being ourselves no matter what. Sadly she is no longer with us physically but she will always exist in our hearts. The art she had made was created with lots of love and creativity, she always dreamed of teaching others and showing her art but never really got the chance. So this business is in honor of her to pursue the life she wanted for herself and for her family.



The word Aura is the presence of something that you create, so we hope that with our art we can give you a feeling of passion and creativity to go make and or buy something that gives you joy. Overall we want our art to make an impact on others and for them to feel what we put into each piece.